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Hello, I’m Lawrence

I’m two parts developer, one part designer. I focus on building well designed, responsive apps and websites that are enjoyable to use.

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Take Me There app

A few years ago I came up with an idea. I wanted to build an app that found geolocated photos from across the world, and showed you how to get to them. It worked a little something like this: think of a place, search for it, see inspiring photos and then get directions to the exact spots the photos were taken. An app built for travellers, holiday goers, photographers and procrastinators.

At the time I didn’t really have the technical chops to build it myself, so I drafted up a spec and went on the hunt for a developer to help me out. Unfortunately, due to costs and time constraints, this didn’t work out, and so I decided to shelve the idea and move onto other things.

For about the past year I’ve been dabbling in Rails development, with my mind often being blown by its incredible power to build out ideas and apps in a small amount of time. Recently, I came to the realisation that I could build Take Me There myself, and so with a few weeks set aside, I went and built it.

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Take Me There

Take Me There app

Take Me There is a web app that helps you discover the world around you. It utilises the 500px API to pull in stunning geolocated photographs. Whether you’re travelling abroad, or just in your local area, you can use Take Me There to discover new places you never knew existed.

I built the entire app, both front and backend. It’s a Rails powered app, with an Ember.js admin panel for controlling photos.